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Honest review on 5 hosting providers I have personally used, one gave me nightmares

Honest & simple review on hosting plans that I have first-hand experience

I’ve been doing and servicing websites for almost a decade. I have tried each of the following website hosting providers, and I am sharing my personal experience, nightmare included:

1. Hostgator

The Good

Perhaps the cheapest hosting provider out there to date.

The Bad

I canceled my plan after three weeks because it was always down and marked “exceeded allowed bandwidth.” Their tech reply was also very slow, and I was advised to clear up a lot of plugins which I did. However, my site was again unavailable, and this time, I was advised to compress images.

When I canceled my plan from and moved on to another company, they had no issues with my plugins at all. Thus saying Hostgator is fine if you’re running on a simple HTML site or WordPress but with very minimum plugins.

2. GreenGeeks

The Good

Cheap period.

The Bad

I would categorically say that for me is perhaps the worst provider that I have encountered. My client’s website was frequently “under maintenance” due to unavailable product offerings. When it was time go “live,” I couldn’t even get inside my Cpanel or account. When I asked their tech what happened, they said it would be restored – I was like “huh”?

I can only assume that these guys seem to shut down sites that have little or no activity at all, regardless if you paid for their services. When my site was finally up, I experienced several downtimes. I couldn’t cancel my account anymore and moved out my files, it was a nightmare!


The Good

Fast support, willing to help with no additional cost. The company is based in the Philippines, but their likely provider would be a company in the US. I did not mind paying more, for as long as they can do the job. So they did for about five years.

The Bad

Eventually, a few of’s customer service wouldn’t do the “extra mile.” Perhaps, their customers have grown so much. I still didn’t mind it since with a little push; my requests were still addressed and at no extra cost.

However, by 2015, I began to experience several downtimes with slow upload speeds. I can only assume that their server has reached its limit and they have not expanded their corporate subscription. My request to move to another server did not help much, the websites were still slow – too slow actually. I was paying nearly twice compared to other hosting companies in the US and felt this hassle was too much. It’s plain unfair.

I had to move several accounts from this local company, with a sad farewell.

4. WebHostingHub

The Good

Priced right, acceptable customer service, good uptime.

The Bad

I used for more than four years since 2012, simultaneously with other hosting companies. In 2016, my e-commerce site began having DNS issues. It was inaccessible for several days. I believe they tried their best to resolve the issue, but the blame was eventually placed on my internet provider, PLDT.

It was almost a week already, and I could not afford another day of losing potential customers. I took the chance on moving this account to SiteGround, and alas, the site was perfectly back online with no hint of the previous problem I experienced with WebHostingHub.

There’s really something wrong with the company or their customer base just ballooned and could no longer cope with their uptime. I still have about four years of hosting from my two accounts with them, but I had to let go.


The Good

Accurate uptime 24/7, lighting speed customer service. They use SSD, NGINX, SuperCacher, CDN, faster load with HTTP/2, faster PHP with PHP7/HHVM, and promises 99.99% uptime.

What gives me peace is getting quick responses in their live chat on all issues including tech. Best of all, they have servers across the continent (like Singapore) that comes with a free SSL.

The Bad

I got a mid-plan (GrowBig) from and they’re more expensive compared to Hostgator vs. GreenGeeks vs. WebHostingHub. But on the hindsight, I learned that the saying “you buy peanuts, you get peanuts” is entirely accurate. Getting cheap hosting, in the long run, is not good economics.

honest review on site ground hosting

An honest review on SiteGround vs. WebHostingHub and Hostgator.

If you think SiteGround is for you, I would appreciate if you can sign-up using this SiteGround link, so it can help maintain some of my hosting plan with them.


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