General Terms and Conditions

Design & Coverage

1. Inclusive of 3-5 studies, 3-5 revisions and Final Artwork (FA) in Adobe Creative Suite (CS5) PC format.
2. Studies and revisions submitted in JPEG or PDF through email. Additional fees for printed materials.
3. Adaptation of artwork to another size or application is 30$ to 50% of concept fee.
4. Additional cost for additional set of studies (50% from concept fee).
5. Additional cost for super-icon or logo, special illustration or special images.
6. Additional cost per man-hour exceeding allowed revisions.
7. Additional cost for a printed material or mockup.
8. Subject to additional tax percentage fees.

Customer Service & Warranty

1. Customer service is available through email, chat or ticket support system.
2. Minimum of P6,000 to P12,000 as Art Director’s fee for print production, talent or product shoot.
3. Minimum of P1,000 per diem for in-person consultation (design, revision & development) will be deducted from contingency fund. Applicable only if indicated on the fees table.
4. Additional 17.65% Agency Service Fee (ASF) for suppliers sourced through WEBRANDD.
5. Client will shoulder courier fees and/or transportation expenses, no fees for online submission.
6. WEBRANDD will resolve a technical issue on an artwork limited to (A) Minor color & shade adjustments (B) Minor text corrections (C) Minor artwork movements not exceeding 1 man-hour.

Expiration Cancellation Deferment:

1. Project development may extend up to 6 months from date of signed CE. If CUSTOMER delays approval or revision within the allotted response period, the project will expire & there will be no refund of down payment. Editable artwork may be released when total bill is settled. If CUSTOMER wishes to pursue the project, a revised cost estimate shall be agreed.
2. CUSTOMER has the right to cancel the project at any point. Down payment will be considered as payment for the concept or studies already submitted and will not be refunded. Editable artwork will not be released.

Force Majeure

1. If either party is temporarily unable, by reason of Force Majeure, to meet any of its obligations under this contract, and if such party gives the other party a written notice of the event within seven (7) days after occurrence, such obligations of the party shall be suspended for as long as the inability continues or within a period of one year.


1. It shall be understood that WEBRANDD shall keep in utmost confidentiality all data and information, obtained verbally or in writing, relative to the project of the CUSTOMER.
2. Likewise, studies and strategies shared and submitted by WEBRANDD, will not be transmitted by CUSTOMER to other entities except the Final Artwork.


1. Design is based on a template that will be progressed with minor custom-fit for the CUSTOMER.
2. CUSTOMER can initiate minimal revision on the design up to three (3) times. Revision is limited to the program or structure of the template. Succeeding revisions, maintenance or editing is billed per man-hour.
3. CUSTOMER can request a new design. Payment made for a discontinued design or project will be forfeited.
4. Up to 3 free plugins, succeeding installation and implementation starts at US$20.00.


1. Design will follow approved story script.
2. CUSTOMER is allowed up to 3 revisions only. Succeeding revisions or editing is billed per man-hour.