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Brand architecture is basically your packaging and label design adapted to different shapes and sizes. Elements in the design are also applied to collaterals and other print materials. The end result is an emotional connection and its usability clear with your target consumer.


Types of Brand Architecture

Corporate brand – The brand uses the company’s name as the product brand name.

Umbrella brand – A group of products has the same brand name. Each brand under the same name functions differently from one another.

Sub-brands – Brands that have a parent brand. It is endorsed by the parent brand to pass on as a brand with hereditary attributes.

What I can deliver:

Packaging Design

• Brand Label
• Brand Naming
• Containers
• Display or Dispense Boxes
• Shrink Wrap
• Silkscreen
• Sticker Label

PLATFORM: Final Artwork in Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop in PC format.


Brand Identity is a part of Brand Architecture. Mostly applied in a logo, identity branding should convey what the brand represent. The shape, type and color must create an imprint and generate an emotional connection to those it targets.

Having a logo helps customers remember your brand personality.
What I can deliver:


• Business card
• Digital signature
• Combination marks
• Icons
• Letterhead & envelopes
• Logotype & symbols
• Signage & directional signages
• Wood-mark (Text-only typographic)

PLATFORM: Final Artwork in Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop in PC format.

Brand Communication:

A print campaign is an effective way to promote a brand. However, this advertising tradition is transitioning to online and digital platforms. Brand Communication in its broadest definition is a combination of marketing activities that may include a printed material and social media ad.

What I can deliver:


• Brochure Catalog
• Coffee Table Book
• Billboard or Photomurals
• Flyers or Hand-Outs
• POSM (Point of Sale Materials)
• Poster or Banners
• Print Ad

Social Media Ad

• Social Media Branding
• E-Mailers
• Post ad

PLATFORM: Final Artwork in Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop in PC format.


Traditionally, the best campaign is a combination of radio, TV, and print. However, it will be difficult for a brand to make it without a website brochure.

With smartphones, consumers learn about your products on demand. Approximately 20M websites uses WordPress.

Wix, Duda, or Wordpress? - I love Wordpress, its potential continue to be limitless. We want a platform that is trusted by millions of users.
What I can deliver:

Wordpress Development

• Landing page
• Website Brochure
• Website Magazine
• 1-Page HTML Website
• Social Media Integration

Backend Services

• Domain & Hosting Setup
• Adwords and SEO Setup
• Website maintenance
• UI/UX recommendation

PLATFORM: Wordpress themes and plugins.