Box & container
Brand label
Brand naming
Display or dispense boxes
Sticker label

Defines the structure of a brand in an organization or entity, where products or services are illustrated to relate or differentiate from one another emotionally.

Brand architecture in less technical terms is basically your packaging or label design. This may be adapted in different applications from bottle, boxes to tags and labels – which forms the grand architecture of your brand.

Types of Brand Architecture:
Corporate brand – The brand uses the company’s name as product brand name.
Umbrella (family) brand – A group of products has the same brand name. Each brands under the same name functions in differently from one another.
Sub-brands (Endorsement) – Brands that has a parent brand. It is endorsed by the parent brand to pass on as a brand with hereditary attributes.

Business card
Digital signature
Combination marks
Letterhead & envelopes
Logotype & symbols
Signage & directional signages

Commonly referred to as “logo” is what identifies your business using color, mark or icon. It carries along other design structure that fuses your brand personality.

Brand Identity, just like brand architecture goes beyond the “logo”. It should convey an emotional impact whose shape, type and colour must easily create an imprint thus getting a total visual and emotional connection from those it targets.

Brochure or catalogue
Coffee table book
Billboard or photo murals
Flyers or hand-outs
Poster or banners
Print ad
Screen ad or design

It is an activity that promotes your product or services. This can be in a form of print ad, printed material, digital (screen) ad or an audio-visual presentation (AVP).

Brand Communication in its broadest definition is a combination of marketing activities. Your communication strategy influences your customers’ opinion about your products or services – we specialize in Print Communication.

Hosting and Domain Registration
Social Media Integration or SMI (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
Website (eCommerce limited to OpenCart)
Website (Responsive CMS WordPress Theme)
Website (Simple HTML)
Website Maintenance

For an optimum marketing strategy, you can cascade your brand communication by having your own website. We use WordPress based themes because it is responsive and is inarguably search engine optimized (SEO) that you can manage after.

With smartphones, website has become the easiest way to get to know a product or service. WordPress has 66M users to date and is equipped with content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress also addresses the common concern for updating and flexibility when adapting other platforms such as eCommerce.

Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, and competitors.

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We provide in-house product shots for your products. You can use these for your printed projects, website or audio-video requirement.
Being in the branding business for years, we have short-listed the most common and essential stock you will need. These includes royalty-free models endorsing, flower photos and illustrations, landscape and other types of stocks that you can use for your business. These may be free, included in your package or purchase the photo for a minimum fee.
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