logo designer in the philippines

We create logo, brochure, print ad, website,
packaging design, and audio-video presentation.

The story of Webrandd begins with Din Jimenez. He took graphic design as a hobby and turned freelance after years of working in an ad agency, TV network and directory sales. He established Salt Shakers Media in 2000 as a one-man studio and maintained few brands that were manageable. The business was reformatted twelve years later and Webrandd was born.

With rapidly evolving platforms and consumer habits, everyone is constantly exposed to brand shifts. Webrandd can help you adapt from these turns by providing creative, differentiated & well-crafted design. Webrandd does this by experience, research & testing.

Equipped with years of experience, the vision of Webrandd is to lead brand architecture in the Philippines. Webrandd gears to its formal launch on March 2014.

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